By Tündramagique & Katmandü

Flying through vast realms of hyper magic sound from across the globe.

OO/\OO & KATMANDÜ are the Duo behind the project Magic Tundra which was born out of their passion and curiosity for rare, hypnotic and weird music without limitations in genres or areas.

In a way they could be described as the sun and the moon – one embraces the more mystical, darker and abstract sounds – the other one seeks the more vivid and happy energy, while coexisting in absolute harmony.

Shining light and drawing shadows on the tundra with waves of diverse and eclectic sound.

KATMANDU – funk, afrobeat, afrodisco, italo, space, oriental

OO/\OO – ethnic/tribal grooves, japanoise, experimental electronic, no wave, post punk/funk

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