• Playtime
    By Guille de Juan
    Coming Soon
    A celebration of playfulness and good old fun through music and dance. Our name...
    WOKSESSIONSNDS By Dj Big Mic Thursday : 10.00pm - 00.00 Electronic black music masterfully sauteed and seasoned by our...
  • Miscelanea
    By Merce Sat
    Wednesday | 8.00pm - 10.00pm
    Coming Soon
  • Vibe-delicious
    By Virginie
    Thursday : 10.00pm - 00.00
    Take a ride on my gini-lane, the sexiest selection of my vinyl collection.
  • Melankolia from Sweden
    Urban K. Reinert
    Coming Soon
    Tunes from the diverse flora of Sweden. Let the melancholia flourish.
  • Back in the days
    Santi Aguado
    Friday 23.02.18 | 08.00pm - 10.00am
    BACK IN THE DAYS By Santi Aguado Thursday : 10.00pm - 00.00 Santi Aguado is an avid...
  • We Be Ses
    By Emma Dowuona-Hammond
    Friday | 8.00pm - 10.00pm
    Two MBE award winning DJs from London playing bangin' music!!
  • World Beats
    Dj Panko
    Every Thursday
    Panko es uno de los Dj´s mas representativos de la escena Mestiza Barcelonesa
  • Naked in space
    By Lee Webster
    Coming Soon
    Just playing music